Multiskill x666 - new development
04 Jun 2020
Dear players, we are very proud to announce about our redevelopment of Multiskill X666 server. This process took some good time and you can already see what's different at up and running test server!

Many new features implemented such as convenient skill learning system, automated item enchant system, revamped rebirth system, skill certification management, boss information and teleportation, Archievements system, Improved Champion monsters, Party system improvements, and much much more. Stay tuned as we will update Server information section very soon!

Five most active testers as always will be rewarded at live server launch.

Also we've opened our Discord channel for you to join and discuss live with administrators about the upcoming project.
Upcoming start date is not yet decided but it should not take longer than one month :) Further announcement will be made once full server description will be delivered
27 Mar 2020
Server successfully launched
16 Mar 2020
Updated server description.
19 Feb 2020
MultiSkill server start date: 2020.03.27
L2MultiSkill patch
16 Feb 2020
Patch to our multiskill server updated.
11 Feb 2020
Hello all players and Lineage 2 fans. We are proud to announce the new MultiSkill server launch.
Server is already online, at beta status. Like always we will reward 5 players, who will be most active testers. Stay tuned.
L2MultiSkill H5 x10
05 Sep 2019

New L2MultiSkill server

Dear players, we are pleased to announce the revival of our favorite H5 PvP x66 StuckSub server. Many were already waiting for this news, many remembered our server. We will be glad to see each newcomer and of course the old men of our project. Our server is oriented for a comfortable game, and a pleasant time for true connoisseurs of H5 servers! And we are ready to discover the vastness of the game.

Download patch HERE