Experience points multiplier = 23
Skill points multiplier = 5
Experience multiplier (Party) = 1.5
Skill points multiplier (Party) = 1.5

Rate Drop Items = 23
Rate Raid Drop Items = 23
Rate Drop Spoil = 23

Maximum character running speed 350
Maximum character Physical Critical Rate 500
Maximum character Magic Critical Rate 200
Maximum character Attack Speed 4500
Maximum character Cast Speed 5999
Maximum character Evasion 250

Buffer with the ability to create personal buff schemes
60 + 20 buff slots, buff time 2 hour
Weight limit unlimited, Inventory 200 slots
MP potions restore 1000 MP
The maximum number of windows - 4;
Individual panel Community Board (Alt + B)
Instant teleport to the locations you need
Class-Master, getting the first, second and third professions for free
Full Vitality Till Level 40
Sub Class Without Quests
Transformation Without Quest
Olympiad Classed Participants = 3
Olympiad Non Classed Participants = 2
Olympiad period every week
Hellbound Always Max Level
Hellbound Always Max Trust
Totems and dances work with all weapons
Ability to learn all classes skills

Sharpening and Attribute

Weapon: +25 - 75%
Armor: +25- 75%
Jewelry: +25 - 75%
Olf +10 (75% chance);
Attribute for High Five 120/300;
Chance to insert a stone 60%;
Chance to insert a crystal 40%;


.expon/.expoff (Turns on and off experince gain)

.withdraw/.deposit (Banking System)

.hellbound (Hellbound state check)

.changepassword (Password Manager)

.online (server online)

.teletocl (teleports user to clan leader for a price)

.repair (repair broken characters)

.dressme (Skins character's weapon,cloak,armor)

.aa (Converts seals to Ancient Adena)

.7rb (checks bones missing)

.sellbuffs (sets buffstore)

.stats (checks missing stats like m.crit, debuff ressists & more)

.combine (for talismans)
.lang en/ru (change language to ENG or RU)