Basic information:
Lineage 2 classic multicraft server.
With Stuck sub mod (1+3).
Skills autolearn.

EXP / SP x100
Drop x100
Spoil x100
Adena x10
Raid Boss x20
Epic Boss x1
Seal Stones x20
Quest x20

Premium account:
3 Tiers of premium account x2, x3.5 and x5

Buffs duration: 2 hours
Implemented automatic use of CP / HP and MP cans
1 profession - 10000
2 profession - 200000
3 profession - 5000000 Adena
Sale of Weapons, Armor and Jewelry up to and including S-Grade

Maximum enchant for Weapons, Armor and Jewelry +20
Enchant chance:
From +3 to +16 = 75%
From +16 to +20 = 70%

Noblesse and Sub-Class:
Sub-Class does not require quest
Cost of adding each sub-class is 100000000 Adena
To get Nobility, you need to kill Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel
With a level 75+ sub-class (MUST be in party)

Olympiad start 18:00 to 00:00
Issuance of heroism every Monday.

Main Commands:

.en / .ru